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2015-08-05 Version 5.8

New Features

Improved document history

Events are now displayed in a new list format with most recent first.

An option has also been added that allows users to display any combination of the following events: upload, creation, modification, attachedto, workflow, version, edit, draft, note, xref, image, comment or task.


Improved layout for document view

Comments, tasks, references and notes have all been moved to to the right hand side of the page next to the corresponding fragment.


Also added update actions to the cartouche fields plus the following options:

  • display labels applied to fragments
  • outline transclusions
  • display section / fragment IDs
  • hide block / inline label names

Cross references for images

The reverse references displayed on an image file will then show where that image is used.

Simplified document browse in standard perspective

Simplified document browse actions by only displaying Resolve references, Index and Delete in the developer perspective.

New search options

  • Added pstitle-sort to index and to sort options on Search page. A group will need to be reindexed to sort results by title.

Improved loading zone

The following improvements have been made to the upload documents page:

  • Always displays the "Show Warnings and Errors only" option in the logs for filtering large upload logs.
  • After unzip the file list is automatically refreshed after 10 seconds, useful for large zip files.
  • The file list will refresh without reloading the whole page so that option modifications are not lost.
  • The "Show logs" link should now still work the following day.
  • The total number of files is displayed at the bottom.

Draft comments

Added draft comment functionality as follows:

  • A draft comment will be saved 5 seconds after any typing or modification of the comment and immediately if files are attached.
  • Files can now be attached by the dragging and dropping them onto the contents box.

  • Saved drafts are listed on the new My drafts page in the user home context.



Display of sharing information

Folders shared between multiple groups are now displayed as orange in the document browse page. Also the document view will display "shared" in orange at the top and more sharing details when the cartouche is expanded.

Improved workflow

  • Made the following changes to workflows:
    • Workflow options have been added to the document upload page which allows document status to be set when uploading.
    • Document status has been added to the top of the document view page. It can be updated by clicking on it.
    • Document status can be created by opening the document header (cartouche) and mousing over the document status.
    • Workflows are now displayed in the new document history page and have been removed from the document comments page.
    • New 'workflow' label type on the labels page which is used by workflows.


Responsive user interface

Updated the user interface to use the foundation framework which has made it cleaner, more consistent and more responsive to different screen sizes on desktops, tablets and mobiles.
The mobile perspective has been removed as it is no longer required.

Tablet screen

Mobile screen



Any XSLT, CSS or JavaScript customizations will need to be checked to see if they work with the new framework.


For a complete list of improvements, bug repairs and changes see: Release Notes - Version 5.8102 (7 October 2015)

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