What's new in PageSeeder

2014-10-22 Version 5.7

New Features

PSML Migration Tool

Added Dev > PSML Migration page in developer perspective which lists all projects and groups on the server not fully migrated to PSML including unmigrated configuration files. It also provides links to help with the migration of these including a new feature to Convert All Documents in a project's groups.

Added Privileges for Administrators

Added support for adminEnable=access-personal in to allow administrators access to any personal group.

Extra Search Functionality

Improved search by ignoring character case, punctuation, hyphens, etc. when appropriate.

Simplified Document Versions plus Workflow

Simplified document versions by moving task fields (status, priority, assignedto and duedate) to a separate task called a workflow. The version name can be free text, a number or now a date (e.g. 2014-08-19).

Modified the following user interface pages:

  • Document Versions Page: Removed task fields.
  • Document Comments Page: Added Workflow section.
  • Comment Thread Page: Handle Workflow statuses.
  • Comment Reply Page: Handle Workflow statuses.
  • Create Version Page: Removed task fields.
  • Version Folder Page: Removed task fields.
  • Batch Add Version Page: Removed task fields.
  • Document Browse: Added 'Workflow' option on folders.
  • Search Results: Added 'Add Workflow' batch option.
  • Fragment History Page: Removed version status.
  • Add the following user interface pages:
    • Create Workflow Page
    • Workflow Folder Page
    • Batch Add Workflow Page
  • Modifed PSML by removing from <version> the attributes @status, @priority, @due and element <assignedto> and adding <author> element. Also removed from <compareto> the attribute @status.
  • Modified index to remove psstatuschangeddate, pspriority, psduedate and psassignedto from PS standard and PSML documents.
  • Modified the following services:
    • create-uri-version: Removed parameters status, priority, duedate and assignedto.
    • list-uri-versions: Removed from <version> the attributes @status, @priority, @due and element <assignedto> and added <author> element.
  • Added the following services:
  • Modifed ANT task ps:export by removing <compareto> and <version> element options.


    Existing versions will still appear but without task fields. Existing versions with status will now also appear under Workflows.
    Projects using status on versions or psstatuschangeddate, pspriority, psduedate, psassignedto index fields on documents will need to be updated to use workflows.

Advanced Document Upload Notification

Added warning on document upload if an image that is referenced can't be found.

For a complete list of improvements, bug repairs and changes see: Release Notes – Version 5.7000 (31 October 2014).

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