What's new in PageSeeder

2014-04-30 Version 5.6

New Features

Edit History of PSML Documents Can Now Be Displayed

Added support to group-fragment-history and group-document-compare pages to show PSML property insertion and deletion.

Ability To Choose Your Own Password During Password Reset

Modified reset password to allow users to enter their own new password instead of emailing a generated password.

  • New Search page format (previously only in Lab perspective) with search facets on the left hand side and table view with ability to add columns for size, inline labels and PSML properties.
  • Improved layout of comments on Document Comments page.
  • Improved layout of Admin Console and Group Console pages including ability for admin to view general logs for previous days and times.

Added Duplicate Document option to the actions menu on the Document Browse page.

Added 'Create subfolder for document' option to Word DocX import so that the PSML documents created are grouped into a folder with the original filename.

  • Added "Convert to PSML" option to Group Manage page which will convert all the PS standard XML (PSXML) documents in the group to PSML. If successful it will also set the group property supportStandardFormat=false which means that the new document page will ONLY create PSML documents, the upload page will NOT convert PSML to PS standard XML and there is no "Generate a Task Template" option.
  • Archived documents are now saved under the month they where archived using the folder archive/[year]/[month]/ (e.g. archive/2013/03/mydoc.psml).
  • Added search term highlighting in documents and comments.

For a complete list of improvements, bug repairs and changes see: Release Notes – Version 5.6000 (30 April 2014)

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