What's new in PageSeeder


2013-11-12 Version 5.5002

New Features

  • For sites with large numbers of users and content, a new feature has been added to simplify member administration. Subgroups allows an entire group to be added to another group in a single step. This feature can reduce complexity and improve usability of PageSeeder's powerful permission model.

    In the user interface, the group-member-list page has been modified to allow editing of subgroups and the user-preferences-mygroups page and group-members block will display subgroups.
  • Replaced the Developer block with a row of action icons and updated the look of folder icons throughout the interface. (16 Oct 2013, ID: 475245, v5.4902)

For a complete list of improvements, bug repairs and changes see: Release Notes – Version 5.5002 (November 2013)

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