What's new in PageSeeder

2013-09-10 Version 5.4003

New Features

Resolve Xrefs by folder

Added "Resolve XRefs" option on the Document Browse page for folders (28 Aug 13, ID: 467226, v5.3912)


Updated display – New blocks

Added to Document View page a BETA version of native PSML editing (Preview tab and Version Compare button not working yet) including the following new blocks: CONTEXTS, TABLE OF CONTENTS, REFERENCES, COMMENTS, TASKS, NOTES (23 Jul 13, ID: 466157, v5.3907)



New option when uploading documents in Developer perspective

Added to Upload Documents page in developer perspective a Developer Option called 'Convert PSML to PS Standard XML' ticked by default. If unticked PSML files will be uploaded as BETA version native PSML. (23 Jul 13, ID: 466153, v5.3907)


New URL pages and options

Added support for URL objects (aka External URIs) and External Host objects which are only for URLs. Added group-urls-new (including bookmarklet), group-urls-hosts and group-urls-browse pages and modified existing group-find and psadmin-hosts pages to include URLs and External Hosts. Also added the following services:

  • list-externaluris-hosts
  • list-host-externaluris
  • list-externaluri-externaluris
  • list-externaluri-externaluris-forurl
  • list-uri-versions
  • list-uri-xrefs
  • get-uri
  • get-uri-forurl
  • create-externaluri
  • create-uri-version
  • create-uri-xref
  • edit-externaluri
  • archive-externaluri
  • archive-uri-version
  • archive-uri-xref
  • unarchive-externaluri (17 Jun 13, ID: 467295, v5.3902)




Updated display – New action icons

Modified action icons to take up less space above the blocks, made blocks visible when scrolling if they are not too long and added collapse blocks function (07 Sep 13, ID: 472967, v5.3912)


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