What's new in PageSeeder


New Features

New User Interface

A complete re-implementation of the PageSeeder interface. It is more focused and functional, easier to learn and easier to customize. Version 5 includes support for mobile browsers.

Improved Import / Export

A separate user interface for the Publisher module, including better support for OpenXML formats and an instant preview that can be customized for special purposes such as QA.

Developer Tools

This collection of tools greatly improves the productivity of developers at the same time as reducing the learning required. Schematron support is now a standard feature.

Upload with Edit

A very powerful feature for solutions that integrate data from different sources or repeatedly ingest updates of the same source data. Instead of overwriting entire files, this service identifies changes at the fragment-level, treating them as edits. Where fragments have not changed, they are discarded.

See bottom of page for Known Issues section.

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