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I want to change my password

Passwords are required for all members to authenticate or access private groups.

Members can change their password by resetting it (if password has been forgotten) or they can modify it when updating their account details. (LINK TO UI PAGES)

From version 5.1 onwards, PageSeeder enforce a stronger password policy for all users.

The strength of each password is evaluated from WEAK to STRONG according to various criteria.

The following affect the password strength positively:

  • the length of the password;
  • the presence of digits or special characters;
  • whether mixed case characters have been used.

The following may affect the password strength negatively:

  • some characters are repeated;
  • some common sequences, such as '123456' or 'qwerty' are used

Some passwords are on the banned password list, and will not be accepted regardless of whether they meet other criteria. They are common passwords which could be used for dictionary attacks.

Examples of banned passwords: password, passw0rd, pageseeder, 123456

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