The end-user manual for PageSeeder

Uploading Excel to PageSeeder

It is common for critical data to be maintained in spreadsheets and be edited directly or be updated by other systems.

This article will walk through the process of uploading a spreadsheet to demonstrate the following:

  • how each column in each spreadsheet row maps to a structure in a document,
  • how a document can integrate data from different sources,
  • the intelligent process of data updates,
  • using a grid-based view to review and edit a collection of documents.

Upload and convert

For this document, some specific code has been added to the PageSeeder server to process the Excel file.


Confirm the Upload

This screen confirms whether you will be updating or adding new documents to the folder.


Confirm the Content

Change to the Lab perspective and use the Edit Sheet to check the document properties.


The Edit Sheet

An interface available through the Lab perspective (which means it is experimental), the Edit Sheet is an alternate way to view and update content. Use the following steps to play with it: 

  1. select the type of document to display,
  2. choose the properties to display,
  3. make any corrections.


Confirm any edits

Any updates made through the edit sheet will display in the change history as if they were edited through the standard interface.

Note that the edit sheet is not suitable for editing rich text or XRefs. It is designed for editing the content of properties.


Add to the collection

Go to the demo server, log in and upload this spreadsheet. Make some changes of your own first.


Check the additional content

Why is Annie Hall treated like a new document when Citizen Kane and Brazil overwrites existing documents? Because in the new spreadsheet, Annie Hall has no release date, which combines with the Title to create a unique filename. With so many movies being remade, the lack of a release date could make a document ambiguous. For situations where data is critical, the upload process can generate an error and stop processing. 


Analyse the content

The edit sheet is a great way to review documents. In this circumstance, simply use column control to add the filename to the display to see how two files with the same title can exist in the same folder.


The upload code

While the specifics of this code will not be meaningful to everyone, most people will appreciate that ten lines of code (from line 8 to 19) is a small price to pay for the convenience of continuing to use Excel to capture information.

The rest of the code on this page sets up the document to display the content. With some minor changes, the same code can be used as a document template for the PageSeeder project.


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