The end-user manual for PageSeeder


Manager adds a member to a group

Manager adds members to a group within the acme project. Lets add them to the group called "specs"


Click on the 'specs' group and then 'members' at the top of the screen. The specs group currently has one member (the manager)


 For the next part of the test we will 'Invite a New Member' and also 'Add a New Member'. You can select the members role when inviting them, and the member privileges associated with each of those roles is displayed below.



The Yahoo account (which was invited) has an email from the Administrator of the group (John Joans) with the subject [group-name] Confirm Group Registration


They must accept their invitation to the group before they can access it. They can do this by clicking on 'accept' inside the email.



Upon opening it the user will discover they are already a member of the group, and do not need to accept or activate anything. One thing they will need to do though, in order to have full access to the group, is log out of PageSeeder before logging back in again. (This is explained in the email). 


Now let's try clicking on "Add a New Member". You can search for either the members first name or surname, email address or username if they are an existing member. In this case, they are. Click on the circle underneath "Add" and hit submit. You have the options to choose the role of the member you are adding to the group, as well as whether or not they will be sent a welcome email.


The member has been added straight away, and there is no need for them to confirm or activate anything in order for them to have access to the group.



You can also search to add the member with the gmail address to the group, even though they haven't yet accepted and activated their invitation to join PageSeeder. Do this by toggling the options in the drop down search box under the 'Existing Member' heading to 'email' and then searching for their email address.


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