The end-user manual for PageSeeder


Batch Processing Explained

There are two ways to batch process PageSeeder documents through the user interface. One is using the search results and the other is to configure a publish task to run at the folder level. 

The search results page allows users to process multiple files at once using one of the six  batch functions at the bottom of the screen below.


First, press enter in the search bar at the top of screen.

Then, select document.

Select either the first icon or the third icon to view results as a table. The batch functions are now visible at the bottom of the screen.

Search results can be refined via the options at the left:

  • Label
  • Media type
  • Document type
  • Location
  • Date range
  • Other available facets

Individual documents can be selected by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the document, or all documents can be selected by clicking in the checkbox under the Results heading.

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