The end-user manual for PageSeeder

The PageSeeder Editor Explained

Double click on a fragment, or click on the pencil action icon to the right of a fragment to display the icons below.

Selecting "Edit this content" or double clicking on a fragment (link) will open the fragment in an edit window so that changes can be made via the icons shown below.

Icons in the top menu bar


icon_source.PNG  Source – Switch the Document  Fragment being edited to HTML form.


icon_H1.PNG  Format as Heading 1 – Text will be displayed as


icon_H2.PNG  Format as Heading 2 – Text will be displayed as


icon_H3.PNG  Format as Heading 3 – Text will be displayed as


icon_H4.PNG  Format as Heading 4 – Text will be displayed as


icon_paragraph.PNG  Format as Paragraph – Text will be displayed as


icon_Pre.PNG  Format as Prefomatted text – Text will be displayed as

icon_add_numbering.PNG  Add Numbering – Add numbering to headings or paragraphs. See Numbered Headings or Numbered Paragraphs .



icon_bold.PNG  Bold – Displays text in Bold.


icon_italic.PNG  Italic – Displays text in Italic type.


icon_underline.PNG  Underline – Display text as underlined


icon_code.PNG  Code – Displays text in Code format.


  icon_remove_format.PNG Remove Formatting – clears any formatting


icon_numbered_list.PNG  Insert/Remove Numbered List – 


icon_bullet_list.PNG  Insert/Remove Bulleted List


icon_decreaase_indentPNG.PNG  Decrease Indent – Shifts all text/images in the edit fragment to the left. This command is only available after "Increase Indent" has been used.


icon_increase_indent.PNG  Increase Indent – Shifts all text/images in the edit fragment to the right.


icon_undo.PNG  Undo – Erase the last change made to the fragment.


icon_redo.PNG  Redo – Reverse the Undo.


icon_link.PNG  Insert/Edit Link – Insert a hyperlink.


icon_unlink.PNG  Remove Link – Removes a hyperlink that has previously been inserted.


icon_xref.PNG  Insert/Edit Cross Reference – See  Cross Reference .


icon_table.PNG  Insert/Edit Table – Insert a table/Edit Table Properties.


icon_special_character.PNG  Insert a Special Character – Choose from a list of characters that are not usually found on a keyboard.


icon_image.PNG Insert/Edit Image – Click on "Browse Server" to insert an image that has previously been uploaded to PageSeeder, or select the "Upload" tab to choose an image that has not been uploaded to the PageSeeder Server .


icon_find_and_replace.PNG  Find and Replace – 


icon_maximise.PNG  Maximize the editor size – Display the editor as a full screen.


icon_source.PNG  Source – Switch the Document fragment being edited to HTML form.


icon_styles.PNG  Styles – Drop down menu for available Block and Inline styles.


 Paragraph Format – Drop down menu for available heading and paragraph and  Styles.


icon_about_CKEditor.PNG About CK Editor – Displays license and browser information relating to the FCK Editor.

Icons at the bottom of the edit window


icon_add_remove_fragment_labels.PNG  Add/Remove fragment labels


icon_notification_settings.PNG  Notification Settings – Edit the Notification settings for any Edit notes that are created on the fragment.


icon_add_edit_note.PNG  Add edit note – See Edit Note and Edit Note Label


icon_save_content_as_draft.PNG  Save content as Draft – Save current changes as a draft (which the fragment can be reverted back to) while continuing to edit the fragment.


icon_save_changes.PNG  Save changes – Save all changes made to the edit fragment and return to the Document – View  screen.


icon_cancel_changes.PNG  Cancel changes – Cancel any changes made to the edit fragment and return to the Document – View screen.

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