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New Users – By Invitation (5.0)

In order to participate in a PageSeeder group, two steps must be completed

Create an Account

The most common scenario is to be invited by a Manager (ad).

In this scenario the new user will receive an email with the subject "PageSeeder groups login details," sent from the Manager who has invited them to start using PageSeeder. This email contains an Activate Now link at the bottom that must be clicked before the account can be used.


Joining a group

  1. The Activate Now link in the email will take the user to the Update Account Details page, where they can modify details such as their first name, surname and password.

  2. Once the user has saved their details and selected their preferred notification options, they can click Accept to finalise their registration.
  3.  The user will then be taken to this screen:
  4. After selecting the desired settings and clicking Submit, the user should now be a member of the group and will also receive a confirmation email sent from PageSeeder with the subject "Group Registration."



Extra Information

When a new user is invited to PageSeeder, a random name and password may be allocated. It is a good idea to change this name and password to something that is easy to remember.

Also, rather than using an email address to log in, a username can be created for PageSeeder, ie. jjones instead of This can be done on the same screen.

Note: If the user's password is reset after the activation email is sent then the Activate link will be invalid. The user will need to login with the new password and request another activation email.


The process of joining a group has several variations. They depend on whether the user has been invited to join the group by a manager or if they have self-registered, and whether or not they already have a PageSeeder account.

For a list of all the variations see variations below:

  1. Invited to join and don't have a PageSeeder account: You receive an email containing an Activate link, click the link, set your name and password, then click the Accept invitation link on the same screen.
  2. Invited to join and have an account but are not a member of the project: You receive an email containing an Accept link and click the link. Being a member of the project means you are a member of at least one group under the project.
  3. Invited to join, have an account and are a member of the project: You receive an email saying you have joined the group.

Common Problems

  • Messages caught in spam filters
  • Member logging in with alternate email address
  • Member must log out and log back in

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