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PSML editor config

The editor-config.json contains configurations for editors used to edit the document.

The config has the following format:

  "EditorA": {
    // config options for editor A
  "EditorB": {
    // config options for editor B

where Editor can be one of the following: 

  • PSMLXRefsConfig: Same options as PSML XRefs editor.
  • PSMLPropertiesConfig: Same options as PSML properties editor.
  • PSMLLabelValuesConfig: Same options as PSML properties editor except it supports type "richtext" with format:
    <block label="richtext">My field
      <block label="my-field">
         <para>My <bold>rich</bold> text.</para>

All the above editor configs also support "autosuggest" with a relative "psancestor" property (beginning with "." or ".." and not containing "*") and a new "group" property for specifying the search group, e.g.

"autosuggest" {
 "psancestor" : "../../assets"
 "group" : "myproject-mygroup"

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