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out-of-office-warning template

Email sent to the user when an "Out of Office" string has been detected and to warn him that his personal preferences will be changed to "On vacation". When the limit has been reached the user is then sent an out-of-office-change.


The behavior of this email can be configured via the outOfOfficeLimit and outOfOfficeString properties in the Template Properties.

Email headers

This message sets the following headers by default:

FromPageSeeder (DO NOT REPLY) <pageseeder@[domain]>
SubjectWARNING: 'Out of Office detected'
ToEmail address of user

PageSeeder also adds the following non-standard email header:

com.pageseeder.mail.Bounce set to true.


PageSeeder will produce the following XML for the XSLT template.:

<notification name="out-of-office-warning" description="Out of Office Warning"
              emaildomain="" hosturl="">

  <!-- Out of office settings -->
  <outofoffice string="out of the office" limit="2" />

  <!-- The comment that triggered the out of office notification -->
  <comment id="123" contentrole="Comment" created="2012-03-08T12:34:00+10:00">
    <title>Currently out of the office</title>
    <author id="12" firstname="John" surname="Jones" email="" username="jjones">
      <fullname>John Jones</fullname>
    <content type="text/plain">I am currently on leave and will be back on Monday 30 December 2018. I will not have access to my e-mails.</content>
      <group id="3" name="acme-test"></group>


Usual content

Below is a screenshot of the HTML email:


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