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membership-complete template

This email is sent to a user after they have joined a group.

Email Headers

This message set the following header by default:

SenderPageSeeder <pageseeder@[domain]>
FromPageSeeder (DO NOT REPLY) <pageseeder@[domain]>
Subject[group name] Group Registration
To member address


PageSeeder will produce the following XML for the XSLT template.:

<notification name="membership-complete" description="Membership completed"
              generalcomments="true" helpurl=""
              emaildomain="" hosturl="">

  <!-- The new membership -->
  <membership id="123" email-listed="true" notification="immediate" status="normal" role="reviewer">
    <member id="12" firstname="John" surname="Jones" email="" username="jjones">
      <fullname>John Jones</fullname>
    <group id="3" name="acme-test" description="ACME group" owner="acme" flags="" visibility="acme" access="" commenting="reviewer" moderation="reviewer" registration="normal" defaultrole="reviewer" defaultnotify="immediate" common="false">
      <message>Hope you enjoy using this group!</message>


Usual content

Below is a screenshot of the HTML email:


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