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auto-responder template

Sometimes poorly configured email software leads AutoResponders like vacation to loop. This happens when out-of-office messages get relayed to member accounts that spawn more out-of-office messages. To avoid this traffic, there is a configurable limit for the number of comments a user can post to a given location over a configurable period of time. Once that limit has been reached, PageSeeder stops relaying the user's messages and generates a Notification to them.


The auto responder limit and waiting time can be configured with the autoResponderMinutes and autoResponderLimit Template Properties.

Email headers

This message sets the following headers by default:

SubjectWARNING: Comment Limit Reached
ToEmail address of user

PageSeeder also adds the following non-standard email header:

com.pageseeder.mail.Bounce set to true.


PageSeeder will produce the following XML for the XSLT template:

<notification name="auto-responder" description="Auto responder email"
              emaildomain="" hosturl="">

  <!-- Auto responder settings -->
  <autoresponder limit="25" minutes="90" replylimit="10"  warnings="5" />

  <!-- The comment that triggered the auto responder notification -->
  <comment id="123" contentrole="Comment" created="2012-03-08T12:34:00+10:00" status="Open">
    <title>Cavern stolen!</title>
    <author id="12" firstname="John" surname="Jones" email="" username="jjones">
      <fullname>John Jones</fullname>
    <content type="text/plain">Sesame opened the door</content>
      <group id="3" name="acme-test"></group>


Usual content

Below is a screenshot of the HTML email:


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