The end-user manual for PageSeeder

Email Templates

The content of every PageSeeder email is generated by a template in XSLT. Each template is responsible for producing the plain text or HTML content.

The default templates can be found under:


 To customize the emails, put your updated templates in: 


See below for a list of templates that can be customized.

Source XML

The source XML has the format below (except for the external template) and includes the constants listed; some of these may change depending on your Template Properties.

<notification name="[notification name]"
              hosturl="[host URL, including siteprefix]"
              emaildomain="[email domain]"
              [notification specific attributes]>
  [notification specific objects]

Email format

PageSeeder sends emails in both HTML and plain text format, to customize this see Email format.

Email headers

The sender, reply-to and other properties can be also be customized and override PageSeeder's defaults, see Email Headers to learn how it's done.

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