The end-user manual for PageSeeder


View a document

Refers to the display of a PSML document or a standard format document.

Once the member opens a document, a new set of functions are available through the action icons. These include move this document, archive this document, delete this document, download this document and export this document.

  • Move this document: You can choose a destination to move the file and rename it in the process.
  • Archive this document: You can choose to archive the document. It will move the resource into the archived folder.
  • Delete this document: In some cases you will be able to delete the document, if permission has been authorized. In the example below, the icon is disallowing the removal of this document.
  •  Download this document: Allows you to download the document to your computer, outside of PageSeeder.
  • Publish this document:
  • Export this document: Allows you to export the document. You can export to PDF, Word or as a universal format PSML.


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