The end-user manual for PageSeeder

Action Icons – Document Context

When viewing the interface in the document context

movethisdocument.PNGMove this document

archivethisdocument.PNGArchive this document

deletethisdocument.PNGDelete this document

downloadthisdocument.PNG– Download this document

publishthisdocument.PNGPublish this document

exportthisdocument.PNGExport this document

When editing a document

editthisfragment.PNGEdit this fragment

editthesourceoffragment.PNG– Edit the source of fragment (Developer perspective only)

viewchangehistory.PNG– View  change history

insertyourcommentorattachment.PNG– Insert your comment or attachment

addanewfragment.PNG– Add a new fragment

deletethisfragment.PNG– Delete this fragment


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