The end-user manual for PageSeeder


Account log in and log out

Once you have been invited to join a PageSeeder group, you will receive an email requesting you to register your details. You will then be able to go to the PageSeeder login page (the server address) and enter your username and password. The username is usually your email address unless you have opted to change this. Initially you will need to login with the password that has been provided to you in the email sent by PageSeeder, but this can be modified once you are logged in.

Go to the URL of the server, e.g.  and log in. Members must be logged in to access the PageSeeder server. Members must also log out and log back in each time they are added to a new group in order for PageSeeder to function correctly. The login page will look like this:


Log out

Protecting an account from being accessed isn't the only reason to log out. When changes are made to an account, for example when a member is added to another group they must log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.

Hovering over your username at the top left of the screen will provide a drop down menu with the option to log out of the PageSeeder server.

The logout page will look like this:


Information on how to log out of your account can be found here: How do I log out of a PageSeeder server?

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