The end-user manual for PageSeeder


Changing membership details

The relationship between a member and a group is discrete from the same member and any other group. This means for any group where the member does not want to use the default settings, they must change the details individually. 

These settings make it possible to:

  • show or hide the member's email address.
  • change how messages are delivered for that specific group.
  • de-register the member from a group.

To access this page, hover over your name at the top left of the screen and select 'Account details' from the drop down menu, then select the 'Groups' option. Once selected, the user will be taken to the page displayed below.

Clicking on the pencil icon beside each group will allow editing of email notification  preferences, showing/hiding of email address and the Deregister button at the bottom of the screen is for removing membership from the group.

For more information, see How to access a PageSeeder group.


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