A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


PSML (PageSeeder Markup Language) refers to the new PageSeeder document format as a replacement for the xformat and PS XML format. It is part of the Universal format.


PSML is a simplified and unified version of the XML used for documents in PageSeeder and aims to address a number of shortcomings with the xformat and the standard schema.

In particular, it merges aspects of the xformat and of the standard schema to provide a simpler and more consistent document format with its own extension and media type.


Deployment schedule

The PSML format was introduced in version 5.2 of PageSeeder and can be created using the <ps:export> ANT Task.

In later versions of PageSeeder, PSML will become the native format used by documents.


PS XMLThe XML format used by PageSeeder documents prior to version 5.4 and following the "Standard Schema" and including elements of the xformat
PSMLThe XML format used by PageSeeder documents
xformatThe XML format used by PageSeeder internal object model.
standard formatThe XML format used for the content of fragments in standard documents.
standard documentA PageSeeder document which does not have a specific document type but which contents follows the Standard Schema
Universal format Same as PSML but also includes a file organization for a collection of files.

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