A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


A version is a snapshot of a single document. It must have a name which can be a number, date or free text (e.g. 1.1, 2014-08-19, Final Draft) and may have a text note and/or labels. Only local content is included in the snapshot not transclusions. Multiple documents may be versioned at the same time with the same name but the version on each document only applies to that document. Versions can only be created or archived by approvers.

PageSeeder XLink architecture means that content is only ever superseded, never discarded. One way to think of a PageSeeder version, is that the version XLink acts as a 'bookmark' that provides a named address for the specific state of a document. Comparisons don't have to be between consecutive document versions, they can be any two versions.


Minor and Major Versions

PageSeeder allows document versions to be categorized as minor or major. This allows for the flexible management and release of documents. For example, major versions may be used as the trigger to publish externally but minor versions may signify an incrementing workflow status. Because PageSeeder's Publish Engine is cognizant of the version categories, it can be configured to drop back to the last major version when publishing externally. This can prevent documents being prematurely released.

Bulk Versioning

Is a feature that allows a member to set the version of an entire tree or sub-tree of documents in a single action. For more information, see Batch processing or Version multiple documents (using folders).

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