A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Standard format

Also known as PS Standard or PS XML , the Standard format is defined by the Standard schema.

Unlike conventional publishing solutions, which treat each document set as unique, PageSeeder has an extensible object model that can be processed by any of the system components:

  • editing
  • review and annotation
  • workflow and task management
  • publishing
  • rich, structured searching

This design can substantially reduces the amount of integration required to implement a solution.

Key to PageSeeder's extensibility are the following concepts:

These tools enable developers, analysts or architects to implement and maintain sophisticated systems with a minimum of code or training.

Furthermore, PageSeeder supports Schematron validation. This is a powerful standard particularly suited to end user applications. This is because Schematron can be easily customized to validate highly specific circumstances and generate plain language error messages (ie. patients being treated for condition X, must not be prescribed any treatments classified under therapy Y). Error messages generated by Schematron can improve productivity and reduce the amount of training required for a new system.

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