A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Search – troubleshooting

Unfortunately, search isn't as easy as Google make it look. How a search query is interpreted and then resolved against the index of terms or indeed how the index is created depends on a number of decisions. Because these decisions are contextual a long chain of dependencies is created, the consequence of which can be confusing or 'bad' search results.

Not understanding why the results have been returned can be very frustrating. It usually results in the user re-casting variations of the search until they get the desired results but even then not understanding why.

The purpose of this article is to explain how the PageSeeder search has been configured and hopefully minimize any associated frustration. The underlying PageSeeder search is scheduled to be completely reimplemented in 2014. Some of the objectives for this will be to make the search more configurable and easier to optimize for specific data sets.

  1. in the index hyphens are converted to spaces – which means that searching 'task-bar' will return nothing, but searching 'task bar' will return 'task-bar'.
  2. word stems are not implemented – because PageSeeder is used around the world and with a lot of different content, it is hard to ship it with any collection of word stems that will suit everyone. 

For more information see Understanding Search.

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