A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


In the PageSeeder context, 'public' doesn't have the same meaning as it does when used in a phrase like 'public transport'.

Because the core PageSeeder unit is the group, essentially everyone that is not the member of a group is considered public. Including people that are members of the same project or the same server.

So while PageSeeder allows security to be relaxed at the project-level, server-level or to the general public so that a non-member can interact with a group. This is done at the following levels:

  • Group
  • Comments
  • Documents

Controlling a non-member's ability to add or view comments or even register to become a member,  is done via the following settings on the advanced options tab of the group properties. This may also require changing group folders to be public.

Controlling the ability of non-members to see documents in the group is done via the 'Public' option on the group folders page.

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