A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


Is a generated by the PageSeeder server and never stored. This is in contrast to comments or tasks which are stored within the groups to which they are posted.

Examples of notifications are:

  • Confirm Change of Email Address
  •  New Member email
  • Reset Password email
  • Edit note


How to stop/resume receiving emails for a group?

You can remain on the system, but stop receiving email for particular groups by changing notification preferences as follows:

  1. Go to Member – Account Details - Groups.
  2. The list of the groups you are registered for is shown. Click on the pencil icon beside the group that you want to edit. To stop receiving regular emails for a group, simply choose "Announcements Only" from the drop down menu under "Email Notification" (it will currently say "Normal" or "Daily Digest").
  3. Finally click on Save at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

Also under the "Groups" option, if the "Display email to others in group" is unselected, your email address will not be available to members of that particular group.

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