A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Group – naming

Group names

Because access to a group is via a URL, to avoid clashes with the other aspects of the system it is important to understand the naming constraints on a group. The full group name is prefixed by the project name dash '-' (e.g. acme-docs) and the following rules apply to the name:

  • None of the following characters are allowed — space, @ ,?, &, #, %, +, /

  • The project name can not be page, block, tree, uri, fullpage, embed, psadmin, bundle, service, error, weborganic, woconfig, servlet, psdoc, filter, group, home, member.

  • The project name cannot start with a number.

Because groups can also be accessed via email, the following rules must also be considered when naming a group:

  • The name cannot contain any character prohibited in an email address

  • No group name can end with '-silent' or contain '--'  which is used by other email switches.

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