A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


A key PageSeeder concept, the group restricts access to content such as documents and comments to a member.

Within the group, members can have different levels of permission (functionality) but all members see the same content. In other words, there are no additional privacy settings inside a group. For more information on permission levels, see Member roles.

Groups belong to a project and inherit many characteristics, such as labels and publish scripts from the project.

Accessing a Group

  • Go to the URL of the server, e.g.  
    and log in. A list of the member's projects will then appear. Clicking on a project will list the groups in that project. Alternatively mousing over the home bar at the top of the page will list the member's projects and groups.
  • All PageSeeder generated email will have a link at the bottom. Clicking on any of these links will take the member to the appropriate PageSeeder group.

Group List

Via the Admin tab, Group managers or server administrators can list all the groups which they belong to, including groups that have been archived. A group description is shown next to the group name so members can identify which group they want to work on.

Technical Details

For information about naming or accessing groups, plus other setup or usage options, see group settings and group naming.

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