A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


The term 'folder' can be used in multiple contexts including the following:

  • when referenced as the object of a host operating system, .ZIP file or programming tool such as ANT, a PageSeeder folder can usually be thought of as part of  a conventional, hierarchical directory structure.
  • several folders (or directories) are created by default each time a group is established:
    • [documents]
    • [images]
    • [archive] – files or documents that have been archived
    • [attachments] – where files have been attached to a comment or task, they are stored in here.
    • [download] – Publish tasks
  • for developers, it is critical to understand the server, project and publisher folders of:
    • [template]
    • [weborganic]
  • as a PageSeeder XLink, folders act as qualifiers for content. Not only by categorizing files, but by providing a mechanism to share documents.

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