A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Editing – batch

Batch, or bulk, editing is supported using the following techniques:

  • Edit externally – this approach is for anyone comfortable with text editing tools, PageSeeder collections can be processed by using the Export to download a collection of documents as PSML and then uploading them back to the same group and folder. Any changes will be resolved by PageSeeder as edits under the name of the member that uploaded the updated files.
  • Use a Process Task – this allows documents to be manipulated in situ. It requires XSLT programming skills and is discussed in detail on the developer site .
  • External applications – this allows PageSeeder to track and publish data that is maintained in a different system. All that is required for this is to convert the output into PSML and then upload it. This will treat all changes in the data as edits that can be viewed through the document history.

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