A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Document title

Refers to a property of a document. All PageSeeder documents, regardless of their media type or content have a document title.

The document title is part of the document metadata. It appears in the document header when viewing or editing documents and can be edited via the 'edit document properties' screen.

Document title vs. first heading


When a PSML document is created, a heading in the content is generally populated with the document title property. So unless either the document title or the first heading have been edited subsequently, they have the same value.

PageSeeder will warn when the document title and the first heading do not match.


Document title & filename

When creating documents, the document title is used to generate the filename of the document and the first heading of the document.


Conversely, when a document title is not specified, it inherits the name of the file. This generally occurs when files are uploaded, for example images.

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