A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Cross reference

Occasionally referred to as XRefs in the PageSeeder user interface, cross references have two primary functions. They are:

Unlike links in conventional publishing applications, PageSeeder's cross references are rich, multi-purpose constructs that developers can customize or override in the publishing process.

Using labels allows very specific semantics to be attached to XRefs.

For more information see Linking from one document to another.

Link display

  •  Title – The manually entered title to appear on the target link.
  •  URI title – This attribute is generated by PageSeeder from the target document title so uploaded values are ignored.
  •  Reverse title – The manually entered title to appear on the reverse link.
  •  Display –Display format for the target link text (Default is 'document'). The following values are allowed:
    • document: [document title]

    • document+manual: [document title]: [manual title]

    • document+fragment: [document title]: [target fragment id]

    • manual: [manual title]

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