A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts

Content labels

A class of label used to describe information inside PageSeeder documents. The two types of content labels: para label and inline label, are analogous to the idea of paragraph and character styles in publishing or word processing systems, or to the HTML elements of DIV and SPAN.

Content labels become visible to  members while editing. When PageSeeder documents are published, the labels are automatically translated for output as styles in PDF and docx or DIVs and SPANs in HTML.

When saved as XML, content labels are expressed as:

<paraLabel name="XXXX"> content</paraLabel name="XXXX"> 
<inlineLabel name="XXXX"> content</inlineLabel name="XXXX">

where XXXX is the value of the Label.

Inline labels are also automatically indexed and can be selected via the .

The other class of PageSeeder labels are object labels, which are attached to PageSeeder artifacts such as documents, fragment, comments, tasks or cross reference.

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