A-Z glossary of PageSeeder concepts


A class of object in the user interface used to display information related to the page. They are handled by the Layout manager.   

For examples of all blocks, see below:

Comments block

The comments block lists all comments that have been posted to the particular document being viewed.

Document browse block

The document browse block can be found on the left hand side of the page when viewing a document and allows for quick navigation to other documents contained in the same folder.


Members block

The members block displays a list of all members who are joined to the group plus their roles and notification settings.


Quick links block

A list of links which can be set up to allow users to navigate to documents quickly. The links are displayed within this block.


Recently viewed block

Displays a list of documents that you have recently viewed. If you hover over each of the documents, it provides the date and time that the document was last opened.

Within the recently viewed tab, a member can do the following:

  • Reopen the document: Click on the link to the document to reopen it.
  • Clear history: Remove all items from your recently viewed history.
  • Persistent: Turn off history persistence. Recently viewed items will no longer be available after you restart your browser.

Table of contents block

The table of contents block lists all the headers contained within the document that is being viewed. The headers can be clicked on and the member will be taken to that particular fragment of the document, rather than scrolling through the entire document.


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