Overview of PageSeeder

PageSeeder is a web-based, collaborative, document authoring, review and publishing platform. As an unmodified server, it supports most asepcts of the document lifecycle, however it is really designed for software developers to customize solutions best suited to end user requirements. The objective of this is to improve user productivity by providing an optimized solution, rather than their own general purpose document processing software.

Solutions that have been developed in PageSeeder cover a broad range of enterprise and government documents and support delivery to numerous document formats, such as Word, InDesign, epub, PDF, HTML, XML, SQL and more.

By breaking documents down to small fragments and using 'reference' documents to join documents into publications. This approach allows PageSeeder to create and manage very large, complex document collections from simple fragments. Doing this allows document processing to be more like a conventional distributed software application. Typical financial systems expose simple transactions to users that require minimal training or supervision. Instead of forcing these users to understand and comply with complex business logic, transactions are continually resolved, tracked and audited by other users or the system. Mistakes or exceptions are quickly found and transactions can be easily reversed.

PageSeeder architecture is ideal for supporting emergent implementations. Users can start by using PageSeeder to solve problems as simple as a needing a private mail list or a group file repository. Without any additional code these solutions can grow in sophisticated workflow and secure editing solutions for any type of document.

For users, the only requirement is a standard web browser.

Editing a document

Double click on a document fragment to begin editing a document.

Exporting a document

Clicking on the export action icon will provide options for converting the PageSeeder document to a PDF or Word document. The example below shows the above PageSeeder document after it has been converted to a Word document.



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