Member home page

The home page will provide you with a range of options. These options are explained below:

My Preferences

At the top of the page, where it shows the name of the member, there are a list of options. They include the following:

  • Theme:  Allows you to change the theme of the page. This will update the colour scheme.
  • Personal Details:  Shows you the details that you entered during the registration process and allows you change your password and/or amend any of the fields.
  • Group Registration: Allows a member to show or hide their email address from other group members, change how messages are delivered or deregister themselves from a group.
  • My Comments: Allows you to view a list of the consolidated comments or post to the entire group. Comments can be attached to documents, groups, fragments or versions.
  • My Tasks: Allows you to view a list of tasks. A task is a comment with additional properties such as who it is assigned to, whether it is priority, the status or the due date. Different tasks can be displayed by modifying the search criteria such as ‘assigned to,’ ‘status’ and ‘organised by’.  Tasks can be attached to a group, document, fragment or version.
  • Logout: Logout from PageSeeder.

Switch Perspective

If you click on the perspective icon (cube) at the top left of the screen, you will get the option to switch perspective. The purpose of the perspectives is to show or hide information in the user interface.

Recently Viewed

Displays a list of documents that you have recently viewed. If you hover over each of the documents, it provides the date and time that the document was last opened.

Within the recently viewed tab, the user can do the following:

  • Reopen the document: Click on the link to the document to reopen it.
  • Clear history: Remove all items from your recently viewed history.
  • Persistent: Turn off history persistence. Recently viewed items will no longer be available after you restart your browser.


Allows a member to view the details of the group that they are assigned to and provides an option allowing members to deregister themselves.


If the home option is selected, it will provide the list of any projects that you have been assigned to. Clicking on a project will display any groups that sit within this. Once you select a group, you will be taken to the home page for that group.


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